Home Makeover – Kitchen

The husband and I were lucky enough to buy our first home last year and, in the time since, have been rotating through rooms, updating out biggest pet-peeves in the house. The biggest targets thus far have been the kitchen and the basement. Since Thanksgiving is definitely a Kitchen-centric holiday, I figured I would let you all know what we have been up to there!

The kitchen was always a great sized galley-style kitchen with a TON of cabinets and new-ish appliances. Buying a home with a gas stove was very high on our list of priorities, but to say that lime green walls, gray trim, and yellow cabinets with yellow walls was not our style would be an… understatement. 

Before Pictures

Out with the Green!

Apparently, we lasted all of 3 weeks in the house before we decided to paint the kitchen. We went with Storm Cloud by Sherwin Williams and repainted the trim and doors white. Overall, I really do love this color and I think it created some great contrast with the cabinets. 

And then the Yellow!

It took us nearly another year to get back to the kitchen to make any other changes. First, we just changed the light fixture. Switching out the single, stainless steel pendant for a brown pendant light with 3 lights.

Then in October, my dad came to visit and helped the husband pull up the old floors and install some crown molding. The most hilarious part of this process? The old floors under the floating vinyl floors was basically the exact same shade of yellow…  (The blue is the pad below the “wood” floor)

In with the Gray!

Originally, we were going to wait to do the floors until my in-laws came the week before Thanksgiving to help. However, both the husband and I could no longer stand the ugly, slippery floor we had been stuck with. So, when the husband told me that he really wanted to just start on laying the new tile in the kitchen. I replied with a “ok, let’s do it.” And then proceeded to spend the next 3 weekends covered head to toe in mortar, dust, and grout… just in time for Thanksgiving. 

The Current Status

I am not sure this kitchen will ever be something we declare “finished” while we live in this house, as there are still some big ticket items we would like to change. Namely – I would like the cabinets to be white, and he would like to change out the counter tops. However, I think we have reached a massive improvement over what we started with, and I cannot wait to see the next project. (aka our laundry room)

Are you more of the DIY or hire an expert type? Do you binge HGTV in hopes of getting to implement a few ideas while balancing a horse budget? Or would you rather I shut up about the house stuff and stick to ponies?

Also – who else HATES this new WP editor? It does not flow between the desktop and mobile version, so makes about a dozen more steps to adding pictures for me.