Random Weekend Thoughts

First of all: May really would be the world’s best trail horse.

Due to Life, Adulting, and Such, I was not able to make it out the barn Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday after work, despite some seriously amazing weather. So on Saturday, I woke up determined to get to the barn. Ate a quick breakfast, and then headed out to run a quick errand.

Back story: the post office left a notice for me about postage due for a package. ($11!) The notice said that they package was available for pickup in a neighboring town. Problem? The main road to that neighboring town requires you to cross over a bridge. A bridge that has been down for MONTHS. So instead of 8 miles and about 20 minutes… the drive was over a half hour. FUN TIMES.

I finally get to the post office, and they tell me that my package is actually at MY TOWN’S USPS store, which is 5 minutes from my house… but closes at 11AM on Saturdays. So… no package this weekend.

Best part? I have no idea what the package is. It was sent in my maiden name, and I haven’t ordered anything. Maybe it’s a box of $100s, so that I can buy my new saddle. Probably not.

Dreams on a Monday

By the time I got to the barn, I was not only fed up with the USPS… but I was also really nauseous from spending over an hour driving on hilly, twisty, pot hole filled roads. The Jeep is great for such things, but I really miss my Mini on those types of drives.

So… I really didn’t want to put in a serious ride. I figured that, despite multiple days off, May hadn’t had a hack in a while. So off we went.

photo mar 08, 18 24 16

After walking for a half hour, I decided to trot and canter a bit. The trot was normal, with May just kind of picking her way through the field, so I decided to step into the canter. Guys… I need to move to a barn with no arena and lots of trails and buy a western saddle.

I just held onto the end of the reins, stuck my feet out in front of me, and loped along the field. May was perfectly happy, and it was the best medicine. To drop back down to the walk, I just shifted my weight a little further back and closed my knees, and she settled into a walk again. Who doesn’t love that?

On Sunday, I celebrated Fathers Day by organizing and cleaning the garage. I have a few items for sale from that, so let me know if you have any interest.

Bits: (All for $150)

5.5” Rubber Gag Bit, includes rope cheek pieces – $50
5.5” Korsteel D Ring French link snaffle – $25
5.25” Myler Pelham with Chain – $75
5.25” Korsteel Dr. Bristol D Ring – $30

Halfpads: (Both for $115)

Thinline Ultra Halfpad
– Trimmed
– good fit for 17-17.5” saddles
– black
– no damage to Thinline material
– Asking $75 including shipping

ECP Halfpad
– Sheepskin style
– Good fit for 17-17.5” saddles
– Underside in great shape
– Some discoloration where the saddle sits
– Asking $50 including shipping


20 thoughts on “Random Weekend Thoughts

  1. I wish I had more big fields or trails near me to just walk out on – I think it would be so fun! I get so bored of arena work, but hate trailering to trails! Sounds like a lovely ride you had though!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I wish I had a trailer to go to “more fun” places hahaha. We have basically one field and very little trails, but we can ride in between the paddocks, so… it kind of counts? I think May would go insane if we stayed in the ring anymore than we already do.


    1. Me too! Despite saying that they would redeliver today ( as long as postage due was left), they didn’t… Instead, they left a note that they would deliver it tomorrow. SUuuuureeeee


    1. I would die. Like Hey Guess What?!? This awesome custom saddle company decided to send you a brand new, perfect saddle as part of our new PR campaign. 😂😂😂


  2. Does May know your Amazon password? Maybe she ordered something LOL!! The mystery package is driving me crazy. WHAT IS IT????

    My local post office is only open from 9a-10a on Saturday which is the only day I can get packages needing signed for and the like. Frustratingly small window of opportunity.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If the box shows up, and it’s a 50lb bag of treats, then it was definitely May 😂😂😂

      USPS is a dying organization kept alive by spam mail. 😂


    1. Ah! I keep meaning to write an update about it. Turned out to be an amazon package that I hadn’t wanted to pay shipping for 3 months ago (hence why the tracking number didn’t work anymore) So I paid $11 in shipping for a $6 item…


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