Well That’s A Surprise…

So we all know that May typically gains a bit of weight as the early spring grass pops up. Despite wearing a muzzle full time, she has gained even more weight than in previous years. Since her workload is still pretty high and her diet is as restricted as it can be, I decided to bring in the vet to make sure we aren’t wandering into founder territory.

Speedy… but tubby

My vet is a track vet by trade, so she is more used to thoroughbreds than May. She is definitely more used to seeing ribs than fat. We discussed May’s diet and workload, and she seemed as confused as I did. The distinct hay belly just didn’t really make sense. So we decided to Ultrasound her gut to make sure everything looked ok. Well damn…


Sorry. Worst photo ever. Do you see what’s there? I didn’t… But my vet did. I think she actually started laughing, but I don’t know because all I could hear was the rush of blood in my head when she said, “That’s a foal.”

“A WHAT?!” Do you know what my barn and my life are NOT EQUIPPED for? A foal.

How could this happen? Welp… remember when May decided to go on adventures a few months ago? Yup. We thought she never went far but… I might have a thoroughbred/QH/Belgian cross in a couple more months. Or a mule… Really, it could be anything.

How cool would it be to have something like this as a result??

I guess I will have to come up with a name, any ideas? I was thinking:

April Fools


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