Quiet Week

Quiet week over here. The weather has gotten drunk with a 60-something degree day yesterday followed by some snow flurries this morning. May has been really good lately, and the warmth last week let her do some fun things (like a little fitness ride in the fields with our half leaser).

This was all grass this weekend!

On Monday, I even threw one of my friends up on her to play around with the Dressage buttons. Note to self: my horse takes a lot of leg and core to really hold collection. No wonder my thighs and core/back muscles ache after a good dressage ride.

Other updates, May is (hopefully) going to get a trace clip tomorrow. We will see how she feels about it. Historically, I have drugged her for body clipping… but we have done a lot of work with clipped this past year getting her mane trimmed regularly. Fingers crossed that it’s not an issue.

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Finally, May has her annual injections scheduled for the first weekend in March. My trainer is going down to Aiken, and May has started showing some stiffness behind. Part of it might be fatigue through her stifles due to ALL THE MUD. The lameness shows up as a slight hip drop when the top line and hind end isn’t engaged properly under saddle. It’s a pretty classic showing for her that she’s uncomfortable… even if she looks totally sound 90% of the time.

Given the increase in her workload going into Spring and Summer, I am committed to keeping her comfortable. Are you all making any steps to set yourselves and your horses up for great things come Spring?


11 thoughts on “Quiet Week

  1. Good luck with the clipping. This weather is ridiculous. It is almost 80 today and the flowers are blooming. Back to the 30s at night and 40s during the day tomorrow. It is dental time for my three. We do the Gem and Pete every other year and this will be the first time for H’Appy to see our dentist so who knows what they will find.

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    1. We had the dentist out a few weeks ago, so I got to check that one off the list. It took me 3 years to get May’s teeth straightened out, so here’s hoping you have more success than that!!


  2. Yup! Rio just got his hocks done and my vet and I are discussing a daily low dose anti inflammatory (previcox) for maintenance as well. We ask a lot of them, the least we can do is help support their bodies! Rio also gets feed through joint stuff and a monthly IM joint shot (pentosan). Can you tell I’m super into joint health?!

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