A Lot To Do About Nothing

I don’t really have a whole lot to talk about this week, so enjoy some old media… Things at work got settled, so that is a big plus. But the weather has been pretty abysmal. Our indoor is open, so it does get quite cold. (shout out to Karen for sticking with it).


On Saturday, lessons were being taught in the indoor and the outdoor was partially frozen, so we just hacked around the property for a while. (Half leaser had a GREAT ride on Sunday though.)

Originally, I was going to ride on Monday when the weather was still somewhat decent. Then adulting intervened, and it didn’t happen. Then yesterday it barely got out of the teens with the sun up… so my ride in the dark was a non-starter. Today? Well its 11AM and the windchill is down to -21F… so… no…

This weekend is going to be in the 50s…. so I think May will just get the middle of this week off. Oh well. Stay warm my friends!


15 thoughts on “A Lot To Do About Nothing

    1. Hahaha so jealous. I thought I moved South when I left NJ… but apparently we did not go far enough.

      May, on the other hand, thinks this is perfect weather and doesn’t understand why everyone is fussing about her coming in from her field.

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  1. I love that selfie of you two in the arena at the top SO CUTE! and BRGHHHHHH this is nuts. I have to go out and water again and hope it hasnt frozen up. Stay warm all…..and so glad May likes the weather. My guys are asleep in the field in the sun but sure they will mosey up when it drops. HA HA HA (They both have two blankets on today!) CRAZY

    and we should just go share stalls with Whisper and Amber cause this is not cutting it. I thought I moved south too. UGH

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