GIF Name Game

After Hillary posted this fun name game… I just couldn’t resist doing it for May. Don’t worry, 2019 goals are coming but today needed a fun break kind of post.

Let’s start with the name May had when I met her… Krimpet. To be fair, she is totally a TatyKake

Epic Fail

mmmmmmmk. Great start. So Then I tried her show name when I got her: Too Many Cupcakes…

There is definitely some reference here I am missing… anyone watch Adult Swim and can fill me in?

Let’s just say… May is not the kind of mare to be shining rainbows and hearts out of her hooves…

Apparently, she was once even called Delilah:

I’ve seen this face from her many times….

Delilah was of course short for “Hey There Delilah”

A fat mare named Delilah… Poor girl…

So when I got May… in May… She got the name May… Yup, Super Original.

OMG WHY ISN’T HER SHOW NAME “It’s Gunna Be May!”… Missed that opportunity

Finally, we have May’s show name “May as Well”… and I had to laugh when I saw it:

First of all, I had many people try to correct me that the phrase is “Might as well” not “May as well”… but Might would have been a terrible name for this horse.

However, my favorite part is the fact that this GIF totally encompasses May’s thought process. If you’re not going to take charge, she will totally start making decisions for you.

Hope this was fun! Serious, 2019 Goals post is in the works!


8 thoughts on “GIF Name Game

  1. DON’T look up the puppet cat with rainbow paws videos. You don’t want to know. It will hurt your brain and be stuck in your head forever after hearing it once. And you’ll realize it doesn’t make any sense and isn’t worth the brain cells you will now spend on it forever. Ask me how I know!

    (If you do want to torture yourself, Google “Too Many Cooks”.)

    Also, you should totally change her show name, It’s Gonna be May is amazing, haha.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahahaha! I will avoid the video at all costs then.

      I’m really sad about the It’s Gunna Be May thing hahaha. I dare any announcer under the age of 60 to say that one without doing it to the tune of the song.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Alli got was Remus (as in Lupin in Harry Potter) and not much else…..I cant even remember his registered name but it is nonsensical so would not help. LOL
    Krimpet. I am dying if you had a horse named Krimpet 🙂 you would need pig tails for sure…

    Liked by 1 person

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