End of the Season

This weekend marked the end of the eventing season in Kentucky. There’s one last recognized event in Tennessee this weekend, but obviously, May and I won’t be going. Once again, I am left with the feeling that we let another season go down the drain, but in the spirit of being thankful and positive, I figured I would list out all the things we DID accomplish this year.

Got Back in the Show Ring

2017 was the year of no shows for us, so the fact that we managed to make it to two shows this year, is a massive improvement. Part of me wishes we had made the jump to tackle BN at our second event, but the majority of me feels accomplished in the fact that we really seemed to slay some demons in the show jumping ring.

Found Our Barn Family

Some of them read this blog so… Hi! Moving to a new barn has meant a better routine for May and I (when she isn’t escaping), and easier access to the level of shows that I am interested in at the moment. However, more than that, it has meant new friends, a trainer whose program is really working for us, and very few days or nights at the barn where I am completely alone. It’s added back a part of riding that I hadn’t realized I was really missing – the social part.

Found May a Second Rider

This was one of those odd times where timing, circumstances, and luck all kind of came together. I guess it follows along with the vein of how I got May. I put what I wanted out into the universe and… the universe delivered. Life is weird that way sometimes.

Our first full HT was 3 years ago!

However, now is a great time to refocus on the off season.

Get Fit

I guess this is a goal for both May and me. Having a second rider means May is being worked 4 – 5 days a week right now, which is pretty much ideal. As for me, I committed to working out with a friend of mine. First spin class is on the schedule for tomorrow morning. Wish me luck!

Get Lessons

Budget has been diverted to paying for things for the house in hopes of getting everything set before we have a full house for Thanksgiving (7 adults and 2 kids!). I will probably end up posting pics at some point. Either way, the extra income from a half leaser is going to, at least, somewhat, be diverted towards lessons.


Make a Plan

Am I the only one already looking at the schedule for 2019? Budget will really drive our path next year, but I would love to do a recognized event at KHP at BN. Hopefully, that isn’t too much to ask for!

Plan should include more of this!

Anyone else having all the feels at the end of another eventing season?


19 thoughts on “End of the Season

  1. YES. YES. AND YES! Thank you for writing this post. I was laying in bed last night beating myself up for all the things I didn’t do this year. But then I told myself to stop and focus on the things I did do. It doesn’t do any good at all to focus on the negative and sometimes I need to get out of my own head.

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    1. We put so much expectation and “wants” into horses. I think it’s important to make sure we are definitely reflecting on the good more than the bad. Glad you’re trying to do the same!

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  2. End of the season is always sad for me. Especially since I know I need to slug through winter here… BUT, I am definitely already looking at the calendar and starting to plan. It’s what gets me through the winter!!

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  3. Oh man, my season went completely off the rails. I purchased H’Appy with the hopes of hitting a schooling HT or two in the late summer/fall but yeah…ended up being lame the entire time. I’m very much already looking at 2019 and tentatively making plans on what shows I want to hit.

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    1. Horses laugh at our plans. That’s for sure!

      May went lame my first season with her. She decided that any farrier that wanted to put shoes on her was the devil, and then she got a piece of gravel up in her white line that we just had to wait out…

      Oh horses.


  4. Definitely already planning for 2019! I need solid goals to work toward, otherwise I tend to let riding and staying fit slide too much. I went ahead and signed myself up for a Buck Davidson clinic in March, so I have no excuse to be lazy this winter! Hoping to do a recognized event at BN next year, so we have lots to work on over the winter.

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  5. Yes, even with a meh season, didn’t get out a whole lot, but looking forward to applying what I learned next year! Glad you had everything work out for you with the new place and leaser!

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    1. We definitely learned a lot this year, even if we didn’t get to apply a lot of it. Riding is definitely a “long term” sport, just ask Denny Emerson. 😉


  6. Congrats on a solid year!! I totally know the feeling of being so consumed by the boxes that *didn’t* get checked off that I forget to appreciate the good stuff that happened. It was a good year tho !

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  7. haha no I am looking at the 2019 as well! Sounds like you and May had a growth year even if you didn’t make it to as many events as you wanted to. The Growth years can be hard but you’ve set yourself up for success in 2019.

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