Cost of A Local Horse Show

First of all, our trip to the Outer Banks was amazing, even if traffic getting on the island meant we moved 10 miles in TWO HOURS. Oh Well. Worth it. We had warm, sunny weather, a few days of the ocean at like 80 degrees, and more sun and booze than I could handle. It was a great way to unwind, and it was so nice knowing that May was spending the hot, Kentucky days inside with plenty of water and a big ceiling fan over her stall.

We got home late on Saturday, but I still was excited to head to the barn on Sunday. May was HYPED for life hahaha. It was only in the mid 80s, so a lot cooler then it had been, and 9 days off were apparently too many. We pranced around the field for a bit before I decided to just do some trot sets and call it a day. Hopefully, her attitude will be much improved today!

A lot of people have been doing posts on their show costs, and I figured I would jump in. I have only done 1 horse trial in KY, and it was a very local schooling show. I only paid for trailering (no coaching), but I thought it would be great insight for anyone in the area who MIGHT be CONSIDERING trying out an event. ( DO IT! )

Show Entry Fee: $130

Trailering: $65

Photos: $30 (3 digital prints)

Lunch: ~$20 for 2 people

Total: $245

I guess that would be the reason why I plan on sticking with local, schooling shows for now! Next year, if I end up being able to show now, I will buy a membership with the schooling show organization at ~$40. It gives you $10 off each entry fee, so pays for itself in a few shows.


14 thoughts on “Cost of A Local Horse Show

  1. OBX is the worst getting on and off the Island. You are lucky that is fast to go 10 miles in 2 hours. LOL

    And if I can find some localish schooling shows I want to do some!! I agree the local ones are so much more a bang for your buck. I did find a Dressage instructor near (kind of) me in Arlington (probably about 30-45 minutes away). I hope to reach out to see about trying a lesson out sometime (they have an indoor there yes!). I havent heard anything about eventing but have met a couple of people who KNOW people who event. LOL

    Glad May had a nice break, how she gets back in the groove ๐Ÿ™‚ HA Pony enjoyed her vacation!

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    1. She was wild. I wish I had video of her just jigging around the field like a loon.

      Any luck hitting up the West Tennessee Pony Club? I would think they would have an idea on trainers/events.

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  2. lol yea starter trials 4lyfe haha – esp in my area we have so many really solid unrecognized options that still have the same courses and jumps as recognized, but at a fraction of the cost, that it doesn’t really make sense to do recognized unless you’re going for qualifications or whatever. like reading some of these posts, i’ve seen some single events that clock in around $900-$1K when all is said and done, when meanwhile that’s basically my entire season right there!

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    1. Yup! EVERY SINGLE rated event around here is 2 days… even at BN. They are also typically 1 – 2 hours away, so the added cost of hotels and stabling really puts them over the edge for me. (at least until some long lost relative gifts me a 2 horse trailer hahaha)

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