False Start & Setting Goals

June was a really odd month for May and me. We moved to our new barn on June 4th, had a jump lesson, then a Dressage lesson. Then, this week was widdled away by the need to go bitless for a while, as well as KY showing off its adeptness at late afternoon thunderstorms.Today, I will hop back on with a bit for our last ride until the 2nd week of July.

Maybe I need a break after all the stress around moving (Although,  Michele has it SO MUCH WORSE), or maybe the lack of tangible goals has more of an effect on me than I realize. Either way, I want to come back from vacation with some goals in mind and a better idea of how the rest of the summer to shake out (Because somehow it is already July and summer is slipping through my fingertips).

What are my SMART goals? (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-Bound)

1. Get Comfortable at BN Height Again – Due Date September

I haven’t consistently jumped at BN since 2016, and even then, BN stadium was my nemesis. Ideally, this would roll into a mini trial or two in the fall. If the money isn’t there for a HT, that’s ok, but I want to get back to that being our comfort zone (maybe even with some Novice height thrown in there to challenge us). I also haven’t schooled any BN sized XC stuff either, so that needs to get on the “to-do” list.


2. Nail Down 1st Level Dressage – Due Date November

That’s right. I want the lengthenings, leg yields, and stretchy trot nailed down. The Training Level Test 3 is easily within our took kit now, and the leg yields can definitely get there. It would be really fun to be able to go to a couple of Dressage shows this winter and do the Level 1 tests.


3. Get Fit – Due Date Mid August

Yup, I am a broken record here because life is life and finding time is hard. I have added some pilates and yoga into my routine, and it has helped my core strength in the saddle, but I still wouldn’t consider myself eventing fit. However, do you know how much easier the two goals above would be if I was truly fit? A LOT easier. A friend of mine sent me the EventingFit.com 30 Day Challenge PDF. It looks like a totally doable program, and I am going to dedicate 30 days to doing it to see if it helps me get into a routines. On vacation next week, I do plan on adding a long walk on the beach to my mornings.

What about you? Are there specific goals you are working on this summer?


22 thoughts on “False Start & Setting Goals

  1. Goals. Look at you! 🙂 My goal is to actually get my horse here and ride maybe before Fall. Or maybe not 🙂 HA

    I think you can do all of those things easy peasy. Where you off to next week? Vacation or work???

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  2. Any goal I had is kind of moot at this point lol. Most of my focus is just getting Amber on the mend. I do have fitness goals though after realizing that I’ve lost a lot of baseline fitness and my right side is very weak. So hopefully I can get a doc appt too so I can see a good sports injury therapist since part of that fitness is down due to old injuries. Never ending right? haha That 30 day challenge looks good! I think you and May have good, workable goals and that you’ll smash them!

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    1. Thanks for the enouragement! I definitely have some old injuries I have to keep in mind when it comes to rebuilding fitness.

      Glad Amber is on the mend for you! Hopefully you’ll be back to setting some real goals soon.

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  3. ha ha we do SMART goals at work and they stress me out so badly, that your post gave me anxiety, lol. However, I will say, having a timeline can be helpful! Especially for funish stuff. My goal is to canter my horse. And stay on 😉

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  4. Ahhh goals. Mostly just to go into any stadium round and not look like a complete idiot. Priority numero uno. By the fall I’d like to be completely comfortable with full Training level SJ courses- right now my trainer mixes fence height up between Novice and Training so it’s not ALL 3’3″. Because yikes. And also to jump some Training level XC fences and not die.

    I feel like I should put a dressage goal in there like you (first level seems so…advanced for me), but I just can’t make myself!

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    1. Oh I feel you on the stadium thing… I have never had a single stadium round that I would consider “good” in my entire eventing career hahaha. However, if we can school Novice at home, I think it would help us at HT… Maybe…


  5. We also do SMART goals at my work, I should ask you to write them for me LOL. Sounds like you have some great goals and achievable timelines. Fitness is always something I struggle with as well, I think i’ll also try that 30 day challenge.

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  6. Dude goals are so hard. Every time I think I’m being all like, realistic and attainable and whatnot, my horse is basically like “ha, someone hold my beer!” Sigh. Good luck with all of yours tho, they sound great and totally doable for you two!!

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