Saddle Trial 3 – Prestige Eventer

Can I officially say that I am over saddle shopping? 🤣

I found a great deal on an 18″ 34cm Prestige Eventer from VTO Saddlery. It shipped super quickly, and I had it to try on Saturday. 

My stubben Dressage saddle is a 34cm, so I had some hope. The saddle was beautiful, but the seat was pretty hard. I didn’t think much of it. At this point, if it fits both of us, I will buy it. I would buy a seat cover if I had to to make it more comfortable. 

I threw it on May and took some pics. 

Hmmmm the reddish color of the leather was actually quite pretty on May. 

It sits up a bit, but not terribly (for May and the way she’s built). Alright then. 

I liked the width down the gullet. 

Then I slid my hand down the panel…. and it gapped like no ones business from front to back. Like, I could see daylight. Here’s my attempt at a picture. 

Pffffff nope. Back in the box it went, and I gave VTO a call to tell them I would be returning it. 

Any other ideas? Reached out to trumball mountain to see if they can help. I would love to try an Amerigo, but I cannot find an 18″ Wide tree to try (or a rep) to save my life. 

Officially. Frustrated. 


8 thoughts on “Saddle Trial 3 – Prestige Eventer

    1. I had an Albion K2 legend jump, which was adjusted too narrow for May. (Bye bye $500!) I would try another model because the legend put me in such a chair seat, but they’re tough to find!


      1. They really are tough to find!! I had a kontact on trial that I ultimately returned, but I probably should have kept it because it was only a *little bit* too long and otherwise fit us ok. The new trees are apparently infinitely adjustable (it’s called the adjusta-tree) so I’m hoping one of the new ones will fall in to my lap in the right colour and size… it could happen, right?!

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