Saddle Woes…

After I got May, I knew I would have to find something that would be able to be fitted to May. I couldn’t afford a new, custom saddle (and still can’t), but I could afford something that might be close and have it adjusted to fit. 

I got an Albion with a hoop tree at a good price. I got recommendations for a saddle fitter from a number of sources and paid a good deal of money to get the Albion adjusted and reflocked. I even got a recommendation for a Dressage saddle. 

After I got the Albion back… I wasn’t thrilled. A good amount of time passed and I was finally able to have a saddle fitter out in KY. 

What did I learn? The Albion was adjusted much too narrow, and I can’t readjust it at this point. The seat is also too long, which is impossible to change. New saddle fitter recommended I go with the brand she apparently reps – Patrick Saddlery… at about $5K for a jump saddle m…

So does anyone have any recommendations for a jump saddle that would fit a short backed wide horse? 


6 thoughts on “Saddle Woes…

  1. I had a Thornhill Germania Two Phase saddle that I loved. Nice leather, great price. Wool flocked so it can be adjusted. I had a wide horse but not a short back so maybe it won’t be what you’re looking for but it might be worth it!


    1. I think it would’ve worked if it wasn’t for the fact that the original saddle fitter adjusted the tree too far to the narrow side. -.- live and learn I guess!

      Getting tracing taken today so hopefully I’ll find something soon!!


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