Quick Update

I wanted to give a quick update on May, since I have gone a bit radio silent. 

I decided to have a Dressage lesson early last week. My trainer is riding again, so when I started explaining to her an issue I was having, she hopped on. In all fairness, my explanation was “I keep losing her shoulder in this one corner and I don’t know what or what I’m doing.”

Yeah… Super descriptive. So my trainer gets on and slows things waaaayyyyyy down. She explains that we are really losing our balance about 6 steps before true corner and by the time we hit the corner, she is so far on her forehand there’s really no hope. 

This was all well and good but I noticed something else. “Does she feel strange behind?” (Another brilliantly clear question) 

My trainer did some very slow changes of direction and the trot. And affirmed my suspicions. She wasn’t clearly lame, but she wasn’t perfect. We had the vet out and decided to go forth with some hock injections. 

Meanwhile, May got a spa day and one walk-only bareback ride. Today I’ll start putting her back to work. Wish me luck!


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